Winner Testimony

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Sep - 2017

Winner of 1st Prize (Sep)

I am very delighted to win the first prize again for this wonderful contest that showcase the contribution of the NS. I will continue to support this contest till the end of the event.


Winner of 2nd Prize (Sep)

I'm glad to win this contest for the 4th time, hope that my photo will let the NS spirit grow and touch life.


Winner of 3rd Prize (Sep)

I enjoy taking part in SpotNS50 and reminisce about my BMT at ITD in the early '80s. Happy to get voted for the 3rd prize for the month of Sep and hope more will take part in this SpotNS50.


Aug - 2017

Winner of 3rd Prize (Aug)

I am glad to win this contest again, hope that more people will join the contest and promote NS50.


Jul - 2017

Winner of 2nd Prize (July)

I am glad to win the second time for this contest. Thanks for those who supported me. I wish that the contest will draw more people to take part and show memory of NS50 to Singapore.


Winner of 3rd Prize (July)

I participated in SpotNS50 contest in July 2017 and to my surprise, I actually won Second runner-up! I didn't quite expected it and I'm very grateful for that. I want to thank my squad from the 166th intake. That picture wouldn't have exist without them and I would like to share the prize with the rest of them. Thank you!


Jun - 2017

Winner of 1st Prize

I am very happy and glad in taking part SpotNS50 contest and have won the 1st prize. I will continue to post more photos for the rest of the event which ends on 31st Dec 2017!


Winner of 2nd Prize

I am happy to win this prize. Thought this contest it remind me about NS life. Hope that the photos will remind us about NS and protecting our nation.


Winner of 3rd Prize

Have collected the prizes on behalf of my wife who have joined the SpotNS50 contest after visiting the AOH17 @ Heartlands with the photo of my daughter in No.4. Glad that she had fun and was delighted and surprised that it had garnered votes in the photo contest. Thanks for the prizes!


May - 2017

Winner of 1st Prize

I was very happy and glad to join this contest and won. This contest give me an opportunity to share my National Service photo.