The primary purpose of the SpotNS50™ application is for users to share NS50 related photos that they have full ownership of. The following guidelines seek to provide users with a better understanding of what is allowed or forbidden with the use of the SpotNS50™ application.


  1. SpotNS50™ is an interactive app organised by The Apps Creator Pte Ltd (“Organiser”) to encourage users to upload NS50 related photos. The Organiser expects all users to be considerate and respectful in their interactions with one another. All content posted on SpotNS50™ will become the property of SpotNS50™ The Organiser reserves the rights to delete or amend any content that may be deemed disturbing or inappropriate without further notice.
  2. Registration to SpotNS50™ is deemed as accepted under the indicated in the SpotNS50™ Terms and Conditions page.
  3. We forbid users who exploit the comment functionality of SpotNS50™ to harass, abuse, spam, impersonate, or intimidate other user in any way. We also forbid users from duplicating photos which were uploaded earlier by another user. Users may opt to submit a formal complaint to the Administrator of SpotNS50™ against any fellow users. The Administrator of SpotNS50™ will send a warning or delete the offender’s SpotNS50™ account if the person continues to commit the offence.
  4. Do not use your SpotNS50™ account to host your own web graphics or use the platform as a replacement for content distribution. If users are caught abusing their SpotNS50™ privileges to host generic graphic elements which would include web page designs, logos, icons or other non-photographic elements unrelated to SpotNS50™ or exhibit any suspicious uploading, we will issue them a warning or delete their account.
  5. While we encourage users to share, explore and tag users from nostalgic to the most recent photos, SpotNS50™ the Organiser of SpotNS50 does not accept users who abuse the tag functions of the SpotNS50™ to do unauthorised commercial activity with the intent of profiteering through the use of SpotNS50™
  6. Photos that garner the most Likes each month will win fantastic prizes. To be entitled for winning the monthly prizes, uploaders are required to garner minimum number of Likes at the end of each month. For the 1st prize, the minimum number of likes needs to be 1,000, while 2nd prize will require a minimum of 500 likes and 3rd prize will require a minimum of 200 likes (subject to organizer’s review and revision). Winning entry that fulfills the conditions required and has garnered the most Likes within the month will be notified via phone and/or e-mail on the next working day of the new calendar month. All registered users who have uploaded NS50 related photos will be eligible for the Grand Lucky Draw on 2nd Jan 2018. Grand Lucky Draw winners will be notified by phone and/or email on following 5th January 2018, Monday.
  7. To ensure fairness, users from the same group(s) are discouraged to vote for each other in order to gain the most “Likes” to win the challenge. The Organiser shall cap the number of “Likes” from the same group of users to 5 “Likes” for their entries in the challenge. If the winning entry is found to be violating this rule, it shall be disqualified automatically without prior notice, and the winning entry shall be the next highest “Likes” subject to this same condition.

Uploading Photos

  1. Users must only upload NS50 related photos that they own or have taken (captured). We expect users to respect copyright laws and not to pass photos that they have taken from other sources as their own. If anyone spots another user using an image that is copyrighted, we recommend you first contact that person to request them to remove the uploaded photo before submitting your feedback to us.
  2. While you are free to upload an unlimited number of photos with significant value, any uploaded photo content that contains nudity, defames religion or race in any way, contains profanity or features obscene and offensive material can be reported to the Organiser by any SpotNS50™ user. The Organiser will promptly remove the image and send a warning to the relevant user(s) who uploaded the reported photo (uploader). If the user subsequently commits another offense, the Organiser will proceed to delete the offender’s account.
  3. While we encourage users to share, explore and tag users, the Organiser does not accept users who abuse the tag functions of the SpotNS50™ to do unauthorised commercial activity with the intent of profiteering through the use of SpotNS50™
  4. Photos that are uploaded must be NS50 related - it can be from the first day where National Service started!

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

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